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We know how important the drive-in is to our community, and future generations should have the opportunity to create lasting memories through the drive-in experience.  Each contribution, no matter the amount, allows us to continue with our mission to save our classic drive-in and to preserve this integral piece of Americana here in Northwest Ohio and eventually nationwide!


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Drive-ins are an iconic part of America's history.  While several thousand previously existed, only a few hundred remain in operation today for varying reasons. Ohio ranks 3rd overall in the nation with 23 drive-ins still operating (29 in New York; 28 in Pennsylvania)!  And, of those Ohio drive-ins, only a few are able to still operate full-time, including our drive-in right here in Oregon, Ohio! 

​Our future plans include transitioning the drive-in back to the Parkside Drive-In as it was originally named in 1949, registering the drive-in as a national historical site, and creating a national drive-in museum to proudly showcase the historical significance of the golden era of Americana!

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