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Thank you for your interest in Save Our Screen.  Below please find commonly asked questions we've received from the community.  Have another question?  Please use the Contact form below to ask us!

Question:  Did you save the drive-in or is it closing?

Answer: YES! We take possession in early 2023 and plan to reopen as the Parkside Drive-In in the spring.  The Sundance name was associated with the previous operating company.  Save Our Screen's goal is to operate and preserve the drive-in, and to purchase the land as originally intended.

Question:  Is my donation to Save Our Screen tax exempt under 501(c)(3)?

Answer: YES! We are considered a public charity and a tax exempt nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3) from the IRS.  This means that donors can deduct contributions, bequests, devises, transfers or gifts!


Question:  Is Save Our Screen affiliated with the company currently operating the Sundance Drive-In?

Answer: No. We have attempted to work with the current company to form a plan of operation past the expiration of their nonrenewable lease at the end of 2022, and they've indicated no interest in operating the drive-in past the 2022 season.  We will continue operating as the Parkside Drive-In beginning next year!

Question:  Where can I purchase Save Our Screen merchandise?

Answer: You may pick up your Parkside Drive-In t-shirt online via Jupmode.  Memberships to the Parkside for the 2023 season are available online or at events we attend.  Please check out Facebook for up-to-date events.

Question:  I recently bought a cool popcorn bucket at the drive-in for $100, how much did SOS receive?

Answer: Zero. While those buckets are cool, because we are not affiliated with the current management company, we do not receive any proceeds from items they sell at the drive-in.


Question:  Why doesn't Save Our Screen put up posters at the drive-in?

Answer: We'd love to!  Unfortunately, we are not permitted to advertise or fund-raise at the drive-in because we are not affiliated with the current management company, and they have denied our requests to do so. 


Question:  If the current operators don't want the drive-in to close, why aren't they helping to save it?

Answer: We do not have an answer for this question.  Please contact the current management company with your question.  Contact information can be found through their website


Question:  Can you explain what Save Our Screen is trying to do?

Answer: Of course!  The land and the business currently operating the drive-in are owned by two separate entities, which was a common past business practice for many drive-ins.  The land includes many permanent items needed to operate the drive-in such as the box offices, screens, and concession stand; while the current management company owns the removable equipment and the current "Sundance" name rights.  The land was placed for sale over a year ago, and the management company has a long-term nonrenewable lease that expires at the end of this year.  The Save Our Screen founders did not want the land to potentially be sold to commercial developers or see the drive-in close, so SOS was created!  We are under contract with the land owners to purchase the land.  Since the drive-in traditionally only operates for a limited time throughout the year, our plan includes upgrades to allow the drive-in to be multi-functional and operate year-round by the community.  In order to be a self-sufficient drive-in, we will continue to operate while introducing initiatives to decrease operating costs by using green energy and more sustainable business methods wherever possible.  And finally, our plan includes being part of the community through economic development by bringing in the national drive-in museum and creating a permanent space large enough for regular community events.


Question:  How much money does Save Our Screen need to raise?

Answer: This is a multi-phase, multi-million dollar project consisting of the land acquisition, drive-in restoration, and introduction of the national drive-in museum to Oregon. We’re seeking community support with the initial phases: the purchase and restoration of the drive-in.  We plan to pursue grants and other avenues to raise revenue for the final phases, in addition to operating the drive-in to cover operating costs. 

While a national museum likely won't result in creating hundreds of new jobs to the area, our hope is to create increased visits to Oregon so local businesses may benefit.


Question:  Why are you trying to raise so much money?

Answer: The land the drive-in sits on is very valuable and a prime location for development.  We are only purchasing the land which includes the marquee, box offices, screens, concession stand, poles, etc.  The current management company will remove their equipment at the end of 2022, and to continue operating, we will need to purchase new equipment.  Additionally, funds are needed to make much needed repairs to the concession stand and to ensure it is up to code, such as meeting ADA accessibility requirements.


Question:  What happens to my donation if Save Our Screen is unsuccessful?

Answer: As with any nonprofit organization, we are required to distribute funds to another tax-exempt charity operating with a similar purpose at the time of our dissolution.  If we cannot find an appropriate charity, funds would be distributed to the federal, state or local government, for a public purpose. 

Question:  What will happen to the drive-in once Save Our Screen purchases the land?

Answer: The current management company has a lease that expires on December 31, 2022, so not much will happen at first.  We will keep the drive-in operating next season while renovations happen in preparation for the 75th anniversary of the drive-in to be held on April 27, 2024.  Eventually, we hope to introduce the first national museum of drive-in movie theaters, while the drive-in continues to operate!


Question:  I love the drive-in, too - how can I help?

Answer: Please help us by spreading the word about Save Our Screen and our mission to save Northwest Ohio's historic drive-in!  And, if you're a business owner willing to allow us to place a small collection jar at your place of business, please let us know!  Every cent collected gets us closer to our goal!

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