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To inspire and engage the community, near and far, in the preservation and exhibition of Northwest Ohio’s historical drive-in theater, and to foster our love for this important piece of Americana for all generations.

Meet Our Team

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Jennifer Beaver

Executive Director

Jennifer is a native Toledoan and former employee of the Sundance Kid Drive-In.  Jennifer has a lifetime love for cinema.  One of her first movie memories is as a small child when she and friends gathered into a van with friends to see Disney’s “The Fox and the Hound” at the drive-in! 


In 2000, Jennifer began working in the Sundance Kid Drive-In’s box office, and she was soon promoted to manager.  She was soon performing tasks from popping popcorn to building movies.   Over the years, many of Jennifer’s friends and family have also joined her at the drive-in, and she’ll be the first to tell others that working at the drive-in “is the best job ever!”  


She worked at the drive-in for several more seasons before taking time to start her family and to finish law school.  Remaining in contact with the owners, she returned in 2021 to help wherever needed due to pandemic related staffing shortages.  Jennifer and her daughter, Piper, produced a haunted house at the drive-in, Scream at the Screens, in the fall of 2021, which was also featured in the Toledo Blade.  


In 2022, Jennifer had a central role in rebranding the drive-in’s image by redesigning the Sundance Drive-In and Sugar Shack logos, designing the drive-in’s website, producing drive-in merchandise, and implementing the online concession ordering system.  


Jennifer’s love and dedication for the drive-in was behind her decision to start Save Our Screen, with two goals in mind: save the drive-in from eventual closure, and to preserve it for future generations.  Jennifer is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about the historical significance and future of not only this iconic drive-in, but all drive-ins! 

Ethan Dabish

Finance Director

Ethan is a long-term resident of the greater Oregon, Ohio, area who just recently moved to Columbus.  Ethan has a lifetime love for anything involving the theatre or cinema. One of his first memories of the drive-in is when he first came to Oregon six years ago!

Ethan is originally from a small town in Missouri named Poplar Bluff where the closest drive in was 50 miles away! During his time in Missouri, he visited the drive in a handful of times, but has a knack for anything theatre!


Ethan has worked around financial doings for most of his professional career, so he is glad to be taking on the role as Finance Director for Save our Screen!
Ethan has graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in Communication, and currently working as a Project Manager.


Ethan resides in Columbus with his fiancé and two pups; and his passion for the theatre and cinema was one of the key factors for joining the Save our Screen team. His understanding of finance, cinema, theatre, and community is going to be a driving force for Saving our Screen.

Piper Beaver

Creative Director

Piper is a former employee of the Sundance and she has always been a fan of the drive-in and movies alike!  She’s been a visitor at the drive-in her entire life, and she is determined to help save it!  

Piper loves to create – from sketching to creating special effects pieces, she uses her artistic abilities to turn visualized ideas into working pieces of art with ease. 


In 2021, Piper played a significant role in the creation and production of “Scream at the Screens: Haunted Drive-In” at the Sundance Drive-In that transformed the concession stand into the scariest haunted house in the region – and a true nightmare for willing visitors.   Piper has also created various character costumes by commission, including the Saint Bernard mascot for Dinderdog Publishing and the Sundance’s Easter Bunny. 

Piper’s creativity was also an integral part of the Sundance’s rebranding during the 2022 season, and she’s looking forward to creating both a kid-friendly haunted house and a 13+ haunted house for the second season of Scream at the Screens this year to raise money for Save Our Screen!  Piper helps to raise funds for Save Our Screens every chance she gets showing her love for the drive-in every day! 


Piper’s favorite movie is “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” and her favorite movie genres also include any ‘80’s flick and horror movies!

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