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Help Us Save Yesterday,
For Tomorrow.

We created Save Our Screen after the land the drive-in sits on went up for sale and the future of the drive-in became unclear. But, what became very clear to us was how vocal the community was about potentially losing this iconic piece of Northwest Ohio's history. We created Save Our Screen out of our pure love for the drive-in and our dedication to preserving it for future generations! We plan to revert the name back to the Parkside as it was originally named, and to register the drive-in as a historic site ahead of its 75th anniversary in 2024! We've recently applied for our tax-exempt status from the IRS to become a 501(c)(3) organization, which will become retroactive once approved. We are under contract with the land owners to purchase the land, and we are raising funds to complete the land purchase and to make necessary renovations, so that we may continue operating the drive-in after the 2022 season. Your support helps us preserve the drive-in indefinitely for all to enjoy!